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Industry Associates

Whether you are a real estate agent, broker, lender, appraiser, builder or real estate attorney, your clients often look to you for recommendations of who they should hire to conduct their home inspection. There are significant benefits for you to encourage clients that a professional home inspection be performed on every transaction.

Rely on T. E. Gordon Home Inspections Inc. as one of your competent resources for professional home inspections. You can trust that T. E. Gordon Home Inspections Inc. will deliver exceptional service and expert technical knowledge, enabling your clients to make informed decisions about the sale or purchase of a home, thus helping you in your role as a trusted resource.

All T. E. Gordon Home Inspectors are members of the Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors. The company is also a participating supplier in the federal government integrated relocation program (IRP). T. E. Gordon Home Inspections Inc. is fully insured and is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau.