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Infrared Imaging

Infrared Camera viewInfrared (IR) thermography is a non-invasive method for detecting the difference in temperature across a surface. Depending on the underlying cause, the problem area may be warmer or colder than its surroundings. This temperature difference is detected and recorded through the lens of an infrared camera. This information is then viewed and interpreted by a certified, trained professional.

Thermal imaging is beneficial for many applications — Inspections of building walls identify air leaks, insulation defects, voids within materials and moisture accumulation, etc. Infrared roof inspections detect roof leaks where water accumulates within insulation layers. Electrical inspections identify hot spots in wires or distribution panels that could lead to potential failures, faulty in-floor heating and radiant ceiling panels.

Terry performing a test with an infrared camera

A thermographic scan of the home is not included in the basic inspection; however, the use of the infrared camera may be used for localized diagnostic purposes, at the inspector's discretion.