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Choose a Professional Home Inspector with a proven track record.

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When looking for a Professional Home Inspector, look no further.

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Protect Yourself with a Home Inspection

Buying or building a home can be a stressful time and often the biggest single investment you will ever make. Much of your decision will be based on personal factors – what you need in a home, if you can afford the purchase price, whether you can picture yourself in the new home, and if it is in a location where you would like to work or live.

But there are other very important factors to consider – the condition of the dwelling and being aware of any repairs or structural work that may be required.  When purchasing a previously owned home or a newly constructed home, part of protecting your investment is ensuring you have an inspection conducted by a professional home inspector.  Trust your home in the hands of the professionals at T. E. Gordon Home Inspections Inc., providing dependable service and advice since 1997.

A home and property inspection is a visual, non-invasive examination of the physical structure and systems of a dwelling from roof to foundation.  All accessible systems and components are assessed and documented.  It provides you with information about the strengths and deficiencies of the dwelling, at the time of the inspection, and alerts you to areas that may require repair or replacement.  The inspection and subsequent computer generated report could save you from unexpected major costs and/or unsafe conditions.

A professional home and property inspection can provide reassurance to any investor, insurance company or financial institution involved in the purchase process.